Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Post 5 - Comparing the Recession to the Great Depression

Connecting Current Events to the Past
Comparing the Recession to the Great Depression

Follow these steps:
1) Create a new blog post called Comparing the Recession to the Great Depression

2) Go to this website:

3) Let’s start by looking at unemployment numbers from the past and present
Part I of your blog post: Unemployment
Compare the unemployment numbers from the Great Depression and the RecessionWhat do you see? What do these numbers tell you about the recent issues and those from the past?

4) Now let’s look at government help
Part II of your blog post: Government Help
How did the government help people during the Great Depression (1 way)? How about now (1 way)? Explain these programs and what they did in your own words.

5) Now let’s look at the people
Part III of your blog post: People
Look through the then and now pictures and descriptions of people and their struggles. What are 3 similarities and 3 differences you see between people from the Great Depression? Write this in paragraph form.

6) Your final analysis
Part IV of your blog post: My Conclusions
Can we legitimately compare the Great Depression to the current Recession? Is this an appropriate comparison? Or are they two different and too complex to compare. Write your thoughts in a paragraph and provide examples from steps 1-5.

Your final blog post should follow this outline:
Government Help
My Conclusions

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